Mission Statement

Ozona is dedicated to the reduction of greenhouse gases released into our atmosphere. Utilizing our experience and expertise Ozona has all the skills in-house to design, permit, construct, and operate carbon capture and sequestration facilities. In conjunction with our “close to source” gathering systems, Ozona will identify appropriate geological formations to permanently sequester CO. These local gathering systems will gather CO from several sources and transport to local injection wells. Ozona will bring our people, their knowledge, resources, and financing together to provide the services needed to reduce or eliminate CO emissions from our customers’ sources, at little or no cost to the emitters.

About Us

We have gathered together an experienced team of in-house Environmentalists, Engineers, Geologists, Landmen, Regulatory Experts, Attorneys and other team members with the necessary skills to permit, construct and operate carbon capture and sequestration projects. Our culture is built on providing services that leverage new and existing technologies to efficiently capture and sequester large volumes of CO currently entering our atmosphere. We believe climate change issues can be addressed through the use and deployment of technology and innovation.

Corporate Office

19026 Ridgewood Pkwy,
Suite 200
San Antonio, TX 78259

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